Insomnia: Blissful Sleep Remix




The dance anthem that kept people up through the night in the 90s has been

redesigned into a 27 minute track designed to lull you to sleep

Quality sleep is the foundation for a healthy and happy life. Not only are our productivity,

energy and stamina affected by our sleep, when we sleep well, the world becomes a

kinder, happier and healthier place to be.





Recent studies show that 82% of the UK have experienced insomnia and over half

the UK believe they are a bad sleeper and feel anxious about getting enough sleep.




We're all born with the ability to sleep. But modern life sometimes gets in the way, and we lose

touch with the natural rhythyms which control our sleep.



Both CBD and music help you relax, taking the stress out of falling asleep...



See the exclusive behind the scenes footage in the studio with

Sister Bliss, producing the Insomnia: Blissful Sleep Remix.