Discover the power of CBD with OTO’s enjoyable and effective optimum-strength products.

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CBD is the revolutionary new skincare ingredient for beauty inside and out. CBD has anti-ageing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, whilst also helping with stress, anxiety and sleep.

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Discover why 87% of customers said OTO CBD helped them to fall asleep and stay asleep. Our award-winning sleep collection combines optimum-strength CBD with calming Ayurvedic botanicals for a peaceful night’s slumber.

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Our CBD oils are applied to pulse points as part of your daily routine and deliver an effective measure of CBD to help balance the body and regulate sleep, stress and anxiety.

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From the world’s first cocktail bitters which can be used as a functional alternative to alcohol or the UK’s strongest CBD shots, our drinks are an enjoyable and effective way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD.

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