OTO Strength™ is our promise to you that every product we create contains levels of CBD that give you the best opportunity to enjoy its benefits. In short, they work.

How much CBD should you take?

Figuring out how much you should take can be challenging as well; the dosage that works for some, might do very little for someone else. That's why our scientists at OTO have combined the best CBD global research with extensive testing, to determine our safe, highly effective daily dose of 40-60mg of CBD.

We create all our products to offer this daily quantity when taken as directed. We also include other rich botanical ingredients rich in terpenes that offer additional complimentary benefits.

How Long does CBD Last in your body?

CBD naturally, continuously and harmlessly leaves your body after use. The time it takes for half the CBD to leave your body is known as the ‘half-life’, and has been measured at under 12 hours for products sprayed or absorbed in the mouth, and approximately a day or two when swallowed.

To keep enjoying the benefits and power of CBD, you need to regularly top up the levels in your system, on a weekly if not daily basis.