Which Chronotype are you

Knowing your chronotype can help you understand your sleep and productivity schedules, including when you’re most active and alert throughout the day.

Instead of fighting your body’s natural rhythm with a sleep schedule that doesn’t work, it’s best to work with your chronotype. To enhance all your main daily activities, such as eating, working, exercising, and socializing.

Your sleep and wake cycle goes according to the sun; you wake easily and fall asleep with no problem. Your productivity is best before noon and is prone to 'post-lunch dip' 2 - 4 pm. We recommend using our Power Drops post-lunch along with a brisk afternoon walk. 

You have trouble waking in the morning and your peak productivity starts at noon. You get a second boost around 6 pm. We recommend enhancing your morning coffee with our CBD and Ashwagandha Booster and using our Pillow Mist alongside a soothing self-love sound bath to wind down at night.

You rise early in the morning and are most productive up until noon. You like to wind down early in the evening and fall asleep by 9 or 10 pm. We recommend using our Amplify Roll-On Oil alongside the box breathing technique to help enhance your mood and energy when you have social commitments in the evenings. Box breathing is simply breathing in, holding, exhaling, holding your breath for four seconds each on repeat.

If you have trouble following any sleep schedule, then you may be a Dolphin. Being a Dolphin means you often don't get enough sleep due to your sensitivity to different disturbing factors. Your peak productivity window is from 10-2 pm. We recommend using our Sleep Drops before a 5 minute guided meditation to activate your parasympathetic nervous system in the evening.