Tom Lorimer opens up about CBD and Mens Health

In honour of Men's Health week, we sat down with our Co-Founder and Global Sales Director, Tom Lorimer. Tom shares the importance of breaking the stigma around mental health, how he takes care of his mental health and the value of CBD for managing stress and anxiety.

How has CBD helped to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing and do you have any other tools you use to manage this?

CBD has a plethora of known benefits, and soothing stress and anxiety is one that it is said to help. Importantly though, CBD is not the single solution, instead it forms part of the solution. A healthy diet, mindfulness and your social surroundings all support better mental health too, and each element is intertwined. I manage my own mental health by combining all these factors together and taking a deep breath when I need it most.

How is mental health woven into the fabric of OTO?

OTO means 'sound' in Japanese and relates to the space between sound and silence. At our core, OTO exists to help people find that space in their ever-busy, hectic and always-on lives. This is where our central brand pillars stem from - Focus, Amplify and Balance. First, we found that customers were looking for ways to focus amongst the clamour of their day to day lives. Second, people look to amplify the present despite constant distractions from emails, social media and news in your pocket. Finally, increasingly we see the growing need for balance in our naturally unbalanced lives. All these three elements embody OTO and resulted in us finding the solution in CBD.

Do you feel that there is pressure for men to conceal their mental health challenges?

For centuries, mental health was misunderstood and falsehoods were propagated, which has led to a fear in society. Instead, mental health should be treated no differently to any other ailment of the body, and needs constant care and attention. CBD has increasingly been used as a natural remedy to support better mental health, but openness and education on this issue is still the most important antidote to change people's perception around mental wellbeing. Education, awareness and understanding are the three most critical factors in reducing the stigma around mental health.

How can you maximise the effect of CBD on reducing stress?

There are various things one can do to help increase the efficacy of CBD. On one level there are innovative product development techniques that boost its bioavailability on the body. For example, at OTO, we use a wide range of Ayurvedic botanical extracts to create what's called an 'entourage effect' and increase the rate that CBD is absorbed by the body. What's more, there are other more holistic suggestions, such as sound therapy, that help relax the body further. OTO is well known for hosting gong baths for our customers, because of the incredible benefits of combing CBD with sound.

What daily grooming routines help you to feel and look your best?

Nothing's more attractive than well-moisturised, clear and hydrated skin. Use a good morning face wash, followed by the OTO Day Cream, and it gives you great confidence to tackle life's daily stresses. Finish the day with a slow-absorbing face mask which can heal and soothe the skin while you sleep. CBD skincare is a fast-growing and fascinating space, as the CBD molecule binds with cannabinoid receptors in the skin and is absorbed transdermally. What's more, CBD actively regenerates skin cells, reduces inflammation and rebalances any skin conditions.