Meaningful practices to enhance everyday

Rituals create consistency and certainty, allowing us to feel safe, grounded and settled. Whilst we are constantly exposed to distractions and temptations leading us astray, try not to let your mood or situation affect your routine. A simple rule for creating a routine is making the first and last three activities you engage in the same everyday; this could be as simple as washing your face, saying an affirmation and having your morning coffee. We recommend starting your day with an uplifting guided meditation to inspire and ground you and finishing your day with a soothing sound bath to help you unwind. OTO is built on the philosophy of enhancing your everyday routines and rituals through effective and enjoyable products, turning them into precious moments of self-care.

Rise and Shine


Honour yourself by giving yourself that morning moment to create your intentions and ground yourself in the present before being swept up in the day’s activities. Regardless of how you feel, try not to linger in bed, jump out as quickly as you can and put on some uplifting music. Dress how you want to feel rather than how you feel; set yourself up for success. Trick yourself into being in a good mood! Hypnotherapist, Ryan Haddon says that your subconscious loves expectations; so tell yourself an affirmation about being ready and excited for the day ahead while you look in the mirror. 



Find a form of exercise that you genuinely enjoy and practice it daily. Getting 10,000 steps in daily is a great way of spending time in nature. Exercise releases endorphins and serotonin; our happiness hormones, stimulating feelings of pleasure around our body and boosting our energy. Not only is exercise an incredible tool for a clear mind, it can boost your self-esteem and give you a sense of achievement. If you are looking for a new exercise routine or haven’t found one that resonates with you, try our Amplifying Yoga Flow.

Utilise your lunch break


We strongly recommend you take your lunch break; no matter how busy you are taking at least half an hour to refresh and refocus is sure to boost your productivity! Use this time to get outside into nature, soak up some vitamin D and breathe in some fresh air. Mindful breathing exercises, stretches and shaking your body are effective techniques to boost your energy and help you avoid that dreaded afternoon slump! Our CBD Focus Roll-On Oil is a brilliant alternative to an afternoon snack to keep your productivity, focus and energy on point throughout the afternoon.

Wind down

Sleep is the cornerstone of our health, impacting our mood, mind and body. Creating a regular wind-down routine is the best technique for improving your sleep. Waking up and going to bed at the same time everyday optimises your body clock, allowing you to feel bright and breezy when you wake up and ready to catch those Zzz’s at night. CBD is another effective way to enhance your body's natural circadian rythmn, we recommend trying our CBD Pillow Mist. A nourishing skincare regime is the perfect way to show yourself some love before ending your day. A great way to put your mind at peace before going to sleep is preparing for the next day, plan your outfit and write a to-do list so these thoughts don’t disturb you while you rest. Try to avoid blue light for an hour before bed, we recommend reading a book or listening to a sound bath instead. Aromatherapy can activate your body's relaxation response and soothe your mind; lavender, chamomile and vetiver have all been credited for their sedative and calming benefits. Our CBD Sleep Drops are our favourite night time companion to help us sleep soundly through the night.