How To Spot Real vs Fake CBD Oil Online

CBD oil is seeing the growth and popularity it deserves as people discover its amazing benefits. It’s important to know how to recognize real vs fake CBD oil online, so you enjoy the benefits you expect, don’t waste your money, and stay safe.

Dangers of Fake CBD Oil

Fake CBD oil products may not contain the amount of cannabidiol that they claim, or any cannabidiol at all. Many people sell products that appear to be CBD oil but are made from other oils from the hemp plant that don’t provide the benefits you think you’re getting when you purchase CBD oil. 

Some cannabinoids sold as CBD oil have been made synthetically. They aren’t natural, and they may not be effective or safe. These cannabinoids may also contain more THC than is legal or would naturally occur in the hemp plant.

Warning Signs in CBD Oil Products

Thankfully, there are several clues you can watch out for to tell you that a CBD oil brand is not trustworthy.

Exaggerated Benefits

CBD oil shows plenty of promise, but some scam sellers hyper-sell their products by making unfounded claims such as that CBD oil can cure cancer and COVID-19.

It takes a long time to do thorough studies to prove that a product can treat an illness or provide certain benefits. Reputable sellers won’t sugarcoat anything - we’ll tell you exactly what to expect and what studies can support that.

Telltale Ingredients

Cannabidiol and hemp extract oil are suitable main ingredients on CBD oil packaging. These are effective and safe. 

If you see Cannabis sativa seed or hemp seed oil as the main ingredient in your CBD oil product, then you are not purchasing what you think you’re purchasing. Yes, these ingredients are derived from the hemp plant, but they are not the same oil that provides the benefits CBD oil promises. There is no CBD in hemp oil, which comes from the seeds of the plant, not the parts that actually grow cannabinoids.

They are fine for their own purposes - hemp seed oil is often used in cooking and skincare. It is fine as a carrier oil in CBD oil, but not the main ingredient.

No Current CoA

A certificate of analysis shows you the results of third-party testing proving that the CBD oil product you are purchasing contains the CBD oil it is supposed to, doesn’t contain THC, and is free of toxins like heavy metals and pesticides. You should be able to see one for each batch of CBD oil products a brand sells. If you can’t find one, or it is old, this is a red flag. You have no proof of what you’re buying.

Poor Extraction Process

Reputable companies use alcohol or carbon dioxide extraction to get their CBD oil, because they are safe and retain the most natural benefits from the hemp plant. Cheap companies extract their CBD oil with solvents like propane, butane, hexane, or pentane. These chemicals linger in the final product and are a health hazard, so find out how a company extracts their CBD oil before you buy.

Ridiculously High Doses

A higher number sounds better. Who doesn’t want more of a good thing? In this case, you don’t. There is no reason for a CBD oil company to sell you a product with more than 2,000 Mg of CBD. Disreputable companies often do it because it’s exciting and makes you think you’re getting value, but you are probably getting something that isn’t what it claims.

All of our CBD products contain an expert-recommended dose of CBD, so you never have to worry about how much you’re consuming.

It’s Cheap

Of course everyone wants to find a good deal, but with CBD oil, a lower price may indicate that you’re about to buy fake CBD oil. Acquiring quality CBD oil isn’t cheap. It’s okay to shop around reputable brands and find the best value, but if the price is significantly lower than the other brands, be wary.

Tips To Buy Real, Quality CBD Oil

Luckily, it’s easy to source real CBD oil.

  • Make sure the words CBD and cannabidiol are actually listed on the label and read the ingredients list. Just because a product mentions hemp or cannabis or has a hemp leaf on it, does not mean it is CBD oil.
  • The safest place to purchase CBD oil is the brand’s or respectable retailers website. CBD products from random stores can be fake brands or fake products made to look like the products of trusted brands.

We’ve crafted CBD oil products that are effective and enjoyable to use, combining the perfect dosages with high-quality, sensual ingredients.