OTO's Whispering Window Display in Selfridges

Gemma Colao, OTO's Creative Director & Co-Founder shares the concept behind OTO CBD's Window take over in Oxford Street's Iconic Selfridges.

From July 1st - 6th, you can find our ‘whispering window’ centered around the beauty and power of CBD, a 100% legal and natural ingredient that helps people find their space and bring harmony to their daily lives at Selfridges front entrance. It’s so liberating to see CBD  become a feature on Oxford Street. We are proud to be partnering with one of London’s most iconic stores on such an exciting OTO moment. 

We  commissioned an installation of almost 1,000 origami leaves; that have transformed into beautiful birds - representing the ever evolving discovery and power of CBD, setting it free of any stigma. It makes me emotional watching the hemp leaf birds fly and achieve their potential to bring harmony and balance to peoples lives.

Continuing on our mission to help consumers find their space at all moments and places, the window contains hidden speakers reverberating healing sound, known to relax the mind and bodies through vibrations. The soothing vibrations emanate through the window, providing an escape to all those passing by within one of the busiest streets in London; Oxford Street.