OTO’s breathe and release masterclass

Breathe and Release with OTO, James Dowler and Alice Law.


Join OTO, Alice Law, and James Dowler, for the ultimate stress releasing workshop from the comfort of your own home on Wednesday 28th April at 6:30pm.

To start the event, Alice will help participants understand stress, whilst using mindfulness to break the cycle. Alice will share quick tools to bring you back to the present moment and feel calm easily. 


Before transitioning into breathwork, Alice will lead participants through a guided visualisation to step into the energy of the greatest version of yourself.


During this immersive workshop, combining Breathwork and music, participants will learn how to use the breath as a powerful method of self-exploration and therapy that inspires natural healing and personal growth. If participants want to create lasting physical and emotional shifts this is the workshop for them.

About Alice Law

Alice is a Stress Management Consultant, energy and mindfulness practitioner and speaker, who teaches individuals, how to strip away stress, guiding them back to balance so they can feel calm, focused, and successful in all areas of their life and work. 

About James Dowler

James teaches people how to use the breath as a vehicle for healing and elevating their physical and mental health. He supports people to move beyond the limitations of the mind and into an embodied and fully realised state.