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A common question that arises is “how long does CBD stay in your system?”. It’s an important question for understanding how CBD works in your body. This post will answer all of your questions.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

The answer to that question is very complex. How long CBD stays in your system will entirely depend on the person taking it and how much was taken. Changes can be small at first, which is why it’s worth taking notes to identify differences over time.

Our studies found that you need to be taking over 40mg of CBD for 3-4 days for the full benefits to kick in. The half-life of CBD, or how long it takes a substance to leave your bloodstream, is somewhere between 14-32 hours. This means using CBD oil again in that period of time will have a cumulative effect.

There Are Many Variables

Many factors influence how long CBD stays in your system:

  • Frequency of use
  • Dosage
  • Diet
  • Health
  • Medication
  • Type of CBD

CBD is a fat-soluble substance, so it is stored in fat cells. The more fat cells you have in your body, the more of it your body can store, so it can stay there longer. 

Frequency Of Use

A cumulative effect was mentioned above. The more you use CBD, the more of it is stored in the body and the longer it takes to remove it. 


The same is true with dosage. It takes longer for the body to eliminate larger doses of CBD. It is harder to take these large doses when purchasing CBD oil products made in the UK, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.


What you eat while consuming the CBD and afterwards impacts how long it stays in your system. If you are fasting or simply used CBD on an empty stomach, it will be processed more quickly. If you eat a high-fat meal while or after using CBD, the CBD stays in the bloodstream longer. Even the time you eat in relation to when you used the CBD has an impact.


Medical conditions such as liver problems impact how quickly the body can process anything, including CBD.


The liver is also the reason why medications might interfere with your body’s ability to process CBD. CBD is processed by the liver and so are many medications. If that medication inhibits how fast your liver can process, then your CBD will stay in your system longer.

Type Of CBD

The way you consume CBD also determines how long it can last in your body. Different methods are eliminated from the body at different rates, the same way they also have varying rates at which you can feel their effects. If you use topicals, much less is absorbed into your whole system. They mostly impact the area where they are applied.

Drug Testing & CBD

Pure CBD Isolate, used in all of OTO's CBD products, is totally legal in the UK and will not appear on drug tests.