Find Your Balance As We Resurface

If, after a year of restrictions, you are feeling nervous to come out of lockdown, you’re not alone. By now, we are somewhat used to the 'new normal' and change can feel daunting and unsettling. Here are some recommendations to help you find your balance as life begins to speed back up. 


Ease back into it


If you found that you have grown to appreciate the slower pace of life, you're in good company; many people have realised the value slowing down holds. As Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr said; ‘a mind stretched by new experiences will never return to old dimensions’. Lessons learnt from this time of stillness and reflection will be carried forward with us all.

Draw on resources available to you


One of the best things about living in today’s age of connectivity and advanced technology is the wealth of resources available to us. Find Your Space is just one of the many incredible platforms filled with support and inspiration to help you centre yourself and reconnect. Explore different forms of help that are available and discover what resonates with you most. Whether you’re into sound baths, guided meditations, yoga flows or breathing exercises, find what makes you feel calm and content and enjoy it.

Connect to nature


Nothing is more grounding, comforting and abundant than nature. Whether you live in a city or the countryside, get outside and find some green space. Ground yourself in the present through focusing your attention on and absorbing the noises, smells and feeling of being surrounded by nature. Nature helps to remind us that the world is much bigger than us and there is beauty in the simplest of things.

Write a journal


Journalling is incredible for helping us process our emotions and get our thoughts and feelings out of our head and onto paper. Try to focus on the positive things, our brains are programmed to focus and hold onto negative experiences and thoughts, by consistently bringing your attention back to what went well and what you are grateful for, you will begin to be inclined towards optimism and positivity.

Eat well & stay hydrated


Respect your body by giving it immune boosting foods. Eating a balanced diet will give you the energy you need to re-enter the face pace of life. Simple hacks include eating more sweet root vegetables to curb those sugar cravings; switching from refined carbohydrates such as white bread to complex carbohydrates, such as buckwheat for longer lasting energy; cutting out caffeine after midday and replacing it with one of our sugar-free, all-natural CBD Botanical Seltzers. Make sure you drink plenty of water between meals!



CBD brings your mind and body back into balance; optimising your circadian rhythm, regulating your hormones, soothing a busy mind & improving your mood and energy. Through combining CBD with functional ayurvedic botanical extracts, our products guide and support you through every moment of the day; helping you find your focus, amplify the moment and discover your balance.