Cressida Bonas and Inge Solheim

In episode 3 of Fear Itself, the podcast OTO sponsor about our relationship to fear, Cressida chats to explorer & adventurer Inge Solheim. Best known for leading the Walking With The Wounded Expeditions with Prince Harry, and the On Thin Ice series with Ben Fogle & James Cracknell. Inge also lead the team that supported Mark Pollock in becoming the first blind man to race to the South Pole. As an explorer who leads many expeditions, Inge discusses his fear or failing people, and how now that his job depends on his ability to understand fear in himself, and others, and deal with risk in a rational way - identifying the real risk and isolating perceived risk - allowing him to become much better at regulating and managing his own response to risk, fear & the world. ⠀