#embracebareface with Emma Hoareau

I’m all for bare, real skin so I’m thrilled to be a part of the #EmbraceBareFace campaign with OTO.

And honestly? I hadn’t tried much CBD Oil skincare before so wasn’t sure what to expect results wise – but I can tell you: I’m a real convert.

I know how much me and my body love my nightly sleep drops, but my sensitive, breakout prone skin is ideal for CBD skincare too as it helps to reduce inflammation (aka acne, sensitivity and redness), balance oil production and encourages repair. To me healthy skin is happy skin and that is what you get with OTO.


The Ritual products are full of antioxidant ingredients to help protect the skin throughout the day from free radicals such as pollution and smoke. I’ve been using the Ritual CBD Serum which is a wonderful texture and adds immediate hydration and glow, and uses Pomegranate Oil – a rich antioxidant – to protect, followed by the Ritual CBD Day Cream to lock in the goodness thanks to Baobab oil, full of protective omega fatty acids. Especially in winter I love a thicker texture cream as I want to create a physical barrier between the cold, wind and heating and my skin!



Balance is all about repairing the skin as we sleep. My absolute favourite is the Balance CBD Night Face Mask as it’s such a wonder product with vitamins A, C, D and E alongside super healing and rejuvenating omegas 3, 6 and 9 which are perfect for dry, damaged skin. Not to mention the Vitamin C to plump up collagen. I’ve been using the mask once or twice and week and on other nights opt for the Balance CBD Night Cream which mixed hyaluronic acid with Rosehip oil aka two of my favourite ingredients to hydrate, nourish and add glow to the skin for when you wake up.


You can follow me and more about what I love at @emmahoareau and be sure to #embraceface


Emma x