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I want your face to feel as happy as mine! Things are darker, colder and wetter than any of us want. Potential lockdowns are looming large. It's important we look after ourselves. Mind and body.

So I’m sharing a little win here at OTO that goes a long way to restoring happiness to your skin. After almost a year of research, planning and design, I'm so excited to say that today we have launched our brand new RITUAL CBD day skincare range - the most potent and effective CBD skincare range around. Combining the power of OTOStrength™ CBD and specially selected hand picked ayurvedic botanicals, this new range of skincare will change how you take care of your skin this winter.

When we started working on the RITUAL range, I couldn't have predicted just how important it would be. Certainly there was no such thing as 'lockdown face'... which some claim adds up to 10 years in age (eek)! The complete upheaval of all our routines, comforts and habits has wreaked havoc with our brains and bodies. More of us than usual have been struggling with anxiety, often leading to trouble sleeping at night. Combine that with months on end sitting at home staring at screens - no wonder our skin is feeling stressed and tired too! We can do something about that.

OTO exists to help people discover the power of CBD. Not only to help with stress and anxiety, but for your skin too. The new RITUAL CBD SKINCARE range is exactly what we need right now.


Whether you’re at home, at the office or somewhere in between, everyone’s been through quite a bit of change this year. On my end, I’ve only just come back from maternity leave. So going from sleepless nights and changing nappies to Zoom calls, Trello boards, creative briefs and photoshoots has been interesting to say the least! I can’t say I haven’t felt pretty tired and down at times. And don’t get me started on post pregnancy, hormonal acne (or was that just my lockdown face?!).

Of course, that’s until we finalised the secret samples of our new RITUAL range.


CBD Skincare

With so many external and internal stressors affecting the health of our skin, investing in the right skincare routine is something I am particularly passionate about. We’d already launched our BALANCE night time skincare range last year, packed with very potent quantities of CBD and the best botanicals to help your skin repair and restore overnight. It’s luxurious and indulgent - I like to say it’s your ‘beauty sleep’ in a jar! And it’s been taking over the socials after it helped OTO win Best Brand For Skincare at the Hip and Healthy CBD Awards 2020:

' Not only do OTO’s range of skincare products help to repair the skin and prevent signs of ageing, but they also have a large focus on overall wellbeing. Each of their products smells delicious and is a dream to apply. '

We didn’t want to stop there.


Whether it’s prolonged screen time, sleepless nights with a newborn or pollution when out and about, our skin gets tired and stressed out too. And whilst our BALANCE range was helping it restore overnight, we wanted products to help protect, soothe and rejuvenate skin during the day too.

And that is exactly what our new RITUAL range was designed to do.

Featuring a Serum, a Day Cream and a Lip Balm, this potent new range is designed to help rebalance and protect all skin types, and in turn help improve various skin concerns from acne to eczema.

Ritual CBD Skincare

We want to empower everyone to feel great in their natural skin. The lipstick effect is no longer. 2020 has become about #embracebareface

Personally, I have most fallen in love with my Ritual Serum. From the moment it hits my skin I know something special is happening. The unique blue colour of the Moroccan tansy feels exotic, while the smell of the Pomegranate (rich in antioxidants and polyphenols) and the Evening Primrose oil (a super-hero for overall skin health) give me an immediate sense of calm, luxury, and confidence that good things are happening to my face!

Ritual CBD Serum

I’m excited for you to try it and then let us know what you think! And for a little added extra, I’m giving a free lip balm with every Ritual Serum. or Day Cream order. Add some extra happiness and #embracebareface.

Take care and keep healthy
Gemma x