Challenge yourself to discover your true power

Challenge yourself & discover your true power in OTO's Power Drops Drive Challenge.

Our CBD Power Drops have been designed to give you the ultimate boost to power up your day. This new sense of energised calm will allow you to take charge and reach new personal goals. So we challenge you to discover your true power today.

Our Power Drops contain a complementary blend of botanicals, as well as the optimum dose of CBD, with the OTOStrength™ guarantee, to help relieve stress and anxiety. Vitamins C, D & E enhance your mood, digestion and immunity, leaving you feeling ready to achieve any goal, no matter how big or small. This one-of-a-kind tincture is a sophisticated, simple and enjoyable product that easily fits into daily lives, promising to enhance your morning ritual.

Participate in our #PowerDropsDrive Challenge

You can join our #PowerDropsDrive challenge and recieve a free Power Drops, worth £69, through signing up to our Brandbassador community, the OTO Collective. All you need to do is follow three quick and simple steps and sign up here and then share your experience with your community on Social.