London Virtual Coffee Festival presents the World’s First CBD Booster

Tune in and discover the power of CBD at London Coffee Festival on 17th April 2021.

Join ‘The Girl in the Cafe’, Celeste Wong, and OTO’s very own Co-Founder, Tom Lorimer, as they take a look at our ‘Booster’.

Celeste Wong is an award-winning barista, content creator and co-host of the London Coffee Festival, who fell in love with the ‘way coffee makes people feel, the culture, the people, the art, the science’. London Coffee Festival is an event that connects, unites, celebrates, shares knowledge and strengthens bonds between passionate coffee connoisseurs. Celeste and Tom will explore the benefits of CBD within coffee and what sets this product apart. Celeste will even demonstrate how to effectively use the Booster, with a master-class in how to easily enjoy CBD within your preferred coffee, without compromising on taste.

OTO’s CBD Booster; a world-first CBD pump-action dispenser for hot and cold drinks, delivers an unparalleled quantity of pure CBD and Ashwagandha, with the intention of bringing focus, presence and calm to the day, whilst decreasing stress and anxiety. 

This unique and innovative CBD Booster is the perfect addition to any beverage, helping deliver clarity and composure throughout the day. CBD can help restore balance and promote relaxation. Ashwagandha root is a plant used for centuries for its medicinal purposes in lowering blood sugar and cortisol levels, and specially selected for its ability to support the body’s natural function, helping consumers find their space in today’s busy world. Ashwagandha supports the body’s resilience to the demands of everyday life, playing a key role in low mood, energy, and reduced libido.

Adding CBD to your coffee helps you enjoy the best of both worlds: experience the alertness and energy from your favourite coffee, whilst mellowing the onset of anxiety and jitteriness from too much caffeine.