CBD and Exercise

The UK’s leading premium CBD brand's OTO CBD shares how CBD can support sleep, exercise, and sports 

CBD’s is perfect for athletes and people who enjoy an active lifestyle. Through supporting relaxation and sleep, CBD ultimately looks after you, so you can always make the most of your performance. 

CBD and sleep

CBD helps support your body’s natural mechanisms, designed to allow you to remain calm and relaxed. Using OTO CBD’s best-selling Sleep Drops or award-winning Pillow Mist at bedtime, when your body’s circadian rhythm (or sleep-wake cycle) is already primed to put you to sleep, help you fall and stay asleep. Remember, CBD will not make you sleepy if your body is not at that point of its circadian cycle. Instead, CBD assists with naturally calming excess nervous activity.

CBD and Focus

If you use CBD at a naturally wakeful time (for example, during the day), CBD can actually amplify alertness and concentration. OTO CBD’s Focus Range is designed to do just that focus and balance your everyday routine; featuring CBD roll-on essential oils and CBD Botanical Seltzers.


CBD and muscle recovery. 

Applying CBD topically through OTO CBD’s Body Oil is a rapid way to refresh a particular area, through rapid absorption into the body. 

CBD and performance

CBD can support athletes to perform at their best, it allows them to maintain their normal rituals even in high-pressure competitions or environments. It works alongside serotonin, contributing to balance our mood and supports our minds. And by keeping more of our natural endocannabinoids in our system, OTO CBD’s Botanical Seltzers can help maintain create a pure lifestyle. 

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