Does CBD Work As A Sleep Aid?

As a natural, non-intoxicating compound, CBD can be used to rebalance both your body and mind. But one of the ways that many people use it is as a support for sleep. The prospective benefits of CBD for improving your sleep are exciting and as CBD sleep products hit the market, you may be wondering how effective they are as a sleep aid. 

CBD and Restorative Sleep

If you’re someone who wakes often during the night or struggles to drift off when you go to bed, CBD could be beneficial in helping you regulate your sleep so you feel more naturally energised when you wake up and enjoy restorative sleep at the end of the day. 

There are several ways to incorporate CBD into your sleep routine, from using CBD sublingually before bed to using our CBD pillow mist.

Our CBD sleep products also contain supporting ingredients such as essential oils - lavender helps you sleep, while ingredients such as Roman chamomile can help support rest and relaxation. 

Finding Calm

One of the reasons that many people struggle with their quality of sleep is due to other conditions. Pain, stress and anxiety are common obstacles for people when it comes to a restful, good quality sleep, but CBD can help to relieve these symptoms so you can develop a healthier sleep ritual

CBD has the ability to promote feelings of calm. It’s a natural compound that serves as a healthy alternative to sleeping pills, and is a great way to support your body in regulating its own internal processes for a healthy, balanced body and mind. 

Tuning Out...

CBD is not a sedative, so it’s a healthier and safer alternative to sleeping pills. There’s no risk of abuse or dependency with CBD products, and with several products to choose from, you can decide whether to introduce CBD into your routine in a topical way or as an addition to your diet.