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Wave goodbye to dehydrated hands

The immense appreciation we received after announcing our Brand New Ritual CBD Hand Balm, revealed to us the overwhelming need for hand-care advice during these cold winter months. Repeated hand washing coupled with harsh weather conditions can really take its toll on our delicate skin, which is why we wanted to continue to share the love and give your hands the attention they deserve.

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So, we have rounded up Dermatologist’s best practices for taking care of your hard-working hands:

1. Get rid of perfume soap, instead try washing with a moisturising cream. The golden rule is to avoid anything that lathers; bubbles are bad for your skin.

2. Apply moisturiser right after washing your hands, whilst they are still moist, to help lock in the water. We recommend our brand new RITUAL CBD Hand Balm, packed with pure CBD and functional botanicals to help soothe and protect your hands - repeat hand washing, cold weather and all!
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3. Moisturise thickly at night. Night time is a great time to repair the damage to your skin from the busy day.

4. Wear cosy gloves. Especially in colder weather, they help to keep your mitts warm, cosy and lock in moisture preventing dry skin.