OTO & Saturn Returns present...

Trust In You. How To Live Intuitively

With Caggie Dunlop & Tamara Driessen
Followed by a virtual sound meditation with Goldierocks of IO Project

7.30pm, 11th Feb - FREE

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Join Caggie and modern mystic, Tamara Driessen aka Wolf Sister as they discuss the benefits of living intuitively and learning how to trust in yourself.

how to live intuitively

We are all intuitive, but we often dismiss the signs due to overthinking or self-doubt. The gut feeling never lies and we all know that feeling of wishing that we'd listened to it sooner.

During this event we will be discussing how you can develop the connection with your intuition so that you can feel more empowered to make some positive changes in your life; as well as how aligning with the lunar cycles can support you to stay aligned with your higher Self and become best friends with your intuition.

To close the event, we will be hosting a meditation and gong bath with Goldierocks of IO Project that is designed to awaken to your third eye, the chakra of intuition. .

You can read more about the power of sound and CBD here.