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CBD is not a sedative but instead a healthy, sustainable and natural alternative to a sleeping pill. Shown to help restore normal sleep patterns and reduce sleep anxiety.

If you (like so many) find that your mind goes into overdrive come bedtime, you're the perfect candidate. CBD helps the body effectively process stress and anxiety. CBD is a great way to enhance a healthy sleeping rhythm. It's less knock-you-out and more gently power down through gently inducing a sense of tranquillity




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Does CBD Help You Sleep?

When we are stressed or our body’s natural cannabinoids become depleted, it can lead to poor sleep habits and difficulty resting. The compounds in CBD can help to restore your circadian rhythm, helping you feel energised in the mornings and get restorative sleep at night. CBD is also effective at balancing the mind without making you feel lethargic or drowsy.

What To Find In Our CBD For Sleep Range

Our CBD for Sleep range has been created to serve as a natural alternative to sleeping pills, using essential oils, botanicals and pure CBD so you can enjoy a restful sleep.

The CBD Sleep Essentials Set contains the recipe for a restorative sleep experience, with our popular Sleep Drops and lavender-infused Sleep Mist to help you drift off with ease. 

Our award-winning CBD Sleep Drops deliver the ideal dose of CBD to balance your natural sleep rhythm and encourage a deep sleep naturally, using lavender, butterfly pea extract and refreshing field mint to support rest and aid calm.

The Balance CBD Roll-On oil is a soothing ritual that helps balance your body’s natural circadian rhythms with terpene-rich oils. The ingredients in our CBD Sleep range have been carefully chosen to support your sleep ritual and help you rest naturally.  

When To Use Our CBD Products For Sleep

Create balance and harmony in your evening routine with our CBD for Sleep range. Products in this range can be used at any time, but we particularly recommend using them before bed, to help you rest soundly.

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