For those moments where suddenly everything feels more vivid, more moving, more distilled. because it's not about losing yourself, it's about connecting to the present. OTO Bitters will open those moments up to you - take the time, make the memory

OTO CBD Bitters. Non-Alcoholic.
Add 3 large dashes to amplify water, tonics, juices and cocktails.
Each measure delivers an effective daily serving of 40 - 60mg of CBD.


Cocktails. Originally known as a ‘bittered sling’. A potent concoction of spirits, bitters, water, and sugar to stimulate the soul. That was the old-fashioned way. Yet time has moved on. We still crave stimulation, enlivenment, and the need to unwind and feel good. But we also want what’s right for our health and spirit. That is why we created OTO CBD Bitters – to add that zing and great flavour whilst giving our bodies a much needed boost - all without the need for intoxication.

This philosophy of ‘healthy hedonism’ is one we share with Cami Vidal - yoga teacher, cocktail expert, all-round wellbeing advocate and the founder of La Maison Wellness. It only seemed right to ask her to design a range of cocktails that would focus the mind, balance the body and amplify the moment. Cami delivered beyond our expectations and we are proud to share her creations. Now is the time to enjoy cocktails in the ‘new fashioned’ way.

Cami pouring OTO Bitters